How to order through ASEbutik?

You can order through ASEButik as a member and order without registering. Just click on the "Sign up" button on the home page to become a member. If you want to make a purchase without being a member, you will need to include your e-mail address for the purpose to check your order.

• Add the product you like to the “Add to Basket button” and add it to your basket.

• After selecting your products, click the "Complete Purchase" button.

• When you click on the Transfer and Payment Address information and click on the "Continue" button, you'll go to the Payment Information page. Select the one that suits you for the payment options offered here.

• After completing your payment option, you can click on the "Continue" button to go to the booking confirmation page. You can create your order after reading and confirming the "Distinctive Sales Agreement" and "International Delivery Agreement" at the top right of the screen.

• On the new page you will see the order number given to you by the system. You can track your order in the "My Orders" section at the top of the homepage, or in the "My Orders" section under the "My Account" menu in the upper right corner.


Can I add products to the order I created?

Once your order is complete, it is not possible to add your product to your order later. By canceling the order you make, you can create a new order or order the other product you want to purchase separately.


What does your order received alert mean?

You will notice this warning during your product's preparation term.


What does your order is preparing mean?

This is the notice covering the term of preparation of the invoice and deliverance to cargo after readiness of the ordering product.


What does your order charging alert mean?

A warning after the delivery of the product to the cargo company.


Where is my order?

You can check the location of your order through “My orders” section at the page of “My account”.


How can I add a product to my basket?

You can select the product you want to purchase and add it to your basket by clicking the "Add to Basket" button.


How can I change my product?

It is not possible to change the product after payment has been completed.


How can I cancel my product?

If your products are in the "Order Received" status, you can cancel your order. You can cancel all your orders using the "Cancel Order" button on the "My Orders" page. If you have any questions about cancellation, you can contact us by e-mail.


How can I cancel my order in cargo?

If your order is in cargo, you can not make any cancellation. You will be able to cancel the order in case when your order will be delivered to the cargo address.


Can I cancel my order, can I re-activate it?

When you cancel your order, the amount you pay will be refunded to your credit card or account. Your canceled orders can not be re-activated. You can also order the same product as you wish.


Want to change address, can I change it?

When your order is in the status of "Received your order," you can log in with your membership information and make a change in the "My Account" menu at the top right.

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