Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all persons who use their services / products (Trade Member Service) to Globalmarkets Dish Tijaret Limited Company, located in Chobancheshme Block Kalender Str. No: 8/1 Bahchelievler, Istanbul. When the Member uses the website or other products or services of Globalmarkets; or when contacted by Globalmarkets, Globalmarkets collects information based on current technical facilities according to the information about the Member and the nature of the transaction. The member may be bound by the current and future affiliates, in order to provide personal information and data related to the service provided by the Company and / or through the Globalmarkets mobile companies, shareholders, business partners, successors, services and activities, to provide ancillary services, to cooperate, program partner organizations operating in Turkey and abroad, and other third parties (including law and tax consultants, banks, but not limited to, service providers that we can cooperate or provide services to provide services to you, and / or to be processed, stored, maintained by third parties / organizations and accepts, declares and undertakes that it is approved to be transferred, classified, disclosed, stored and shared with third parties within this scope in order to be transferred to the country and abroad.


Globalmarkets may use the Member's personal information in the work of the Member's interests and preferences in order to provide better service to the Member, to improve its services and to facilitate the use of the application. Globalmarkets reserves the right to keep a record of the actions of the Member on his mobile application. A member may disable collection of this information by changing the location settings on the device, but the ability to use the features of Globalmarkets products / services may be limited.


An account may be required to access the Services. The Member declares that he is at least 18 years old (or older) in order to open an account and use the services of Globalmarkets and to understand and agree to these terms.


The name and IP address of the internet service provider used to access the application, and the date and time the application was accessed in the application, in order to improve, improve the mobile application, website or other Globalmarkets products / services by Globalmarkets, some information such as accessed pages can be collected.

Members obtain information from Globalmarkets; The Company is aware of the fact that it may share with the general public or with suppliers providing services to Globalmarkets through social media accounts (in case the content is submitted) for other promotions or payments within the scope of promotions or payments, in order to provide the requested service.


Personal information transmitted electronically by the Member to Globalmarkets will not be disclosed to third parties except for the purposes and scope set out in this Privacy Policy and Personal Data Disclosure Text.


Personal information; Name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail address, ID number, name of the internet service provider, IP address, date and time accessed, profile photo, payment method, location information, device information or other information transmitted by the Member and any other information intended to identify the Member, and will be briefly referred to herein as "Confidential Information".


Globalmarkets may use the Confidential Information within its own organization, for the purposes specified by the legislation and for the purposes only as notified to the Member, for the purpose of identifying and making statistical studies. Confidential Information, which can be obtained through the application, can be collected, used, processed and stored by the companies or partners of the Globalmarkets, as permitted by the legislation in order to determine the safety and accuracy of the transactions performed.


Globalmarkets cannot be held responsible for the content or privacy practices of other sites / applications / advertisements referenced or linked within the application.


Globalmarkets reserves the right to disclose Confidential Information as private and confidential, to maintain confidentiality and to maintain and maintain confidentiality, to ensure that all or any part of the Confidential Information is entered into or to take necessary measures to prevent the disclosure and to show the necessary diligence. Although Globalmarkets has taken the necessary information security measures, Globalmarkets will not have any responsibility if confidential information is damaged or in the hands of third parties as a result of attacks on the system.


Globalmarkets, where the Member has to disclose the Confidential Information (a) in accordance with the laws or regulations in force or a judgment order or administrative order issued and / or (b) the consent of the Member and / or (c) and / or (d) to third parties in accordance with the provisions set out in the ets Globalmarkets User Agreement ”which may be accessed through the Globalmarkets mobile app.


Globalmarkets obtains information about the Member and the use of the services offered by the Member using a technical communication file (Cookie-Cookie). The technical communication file may be used to obtain statistical information.


Globalmarkets shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of third party information that the Member discloses in public areas, which he shares in comments or messages. The Member's name, password, etc., used when creating the membership record. Globalmarkets shall not be liable for any damages that may arise in case of sharing the information with third parties.


Globalmarkets can review and use the Member's Globalmarkets products and services to make suggestions to the Member.


Globalmarkets may review the Member's personal information and data that are in violation of the User Agreement or the Privacy Policy or that have been subject to a complaint by other Members.


Globalmarkets may at any time update, modify or revoke the provisions of this Privacy Policy. In these cases, the Member will be notified through the services / products or by other means such as e-mail. Any amendment that is updated, changed or repealed shall prevail for the Member on the date of publication. If the Member continues to use the Globalmarkets services or products after the change is made, it will mean acceptance of the changes.